By Liz Aronson, Miami

Reading. Reading is such an amazing experience in so many ways. You get to live in another world of your own imagination, one where anything and everything can happen. All your problems and stress dissipate as you open your book.

Having a good book to read is always such a good feeling, and having people to talk about that book with is even better. I believe finding people that you can discuss books with is a gift. You can share experiences reading books with those people.

I bring a book to school every day. If I finish school work early, then I open up a book. Right now I am reading “The Ship of the Dead” by Rick Riordan, and am absolutely loving it. He incorporates Norse mythology into a modern type of story.

Every night, I read some chapters of “The Ship of the Dead” before going to bed. One thing I think is enjoyable is reading a book before going to sleep. It’s quiet, peaceful and allows me to read without distractions. Reading a good book before bed helps me clear my thoughts and go to sleep in a good mood.

Bad books. I don’t think bad books are discussed enough, and some things about them have to be cleared up. For example, I believe a bad book depends generally on who you are. Bad books are a blessing and a curse. They are a blessing because they help you know what types of books not to read. They are a curse because, naturally, reading a bad book is not fun. Bad books can also depend on who writes them.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” - George R.R. Martin

Many readers all over the world can agree with George R.R. Martin. When you are reading, you can have a conversation with a goddess or ride on Santa’s sleigh. Things people believe are impossible are possible when you are reading.

Reading is a magical experience that so many people get to enjoy. Reading is pure, absolute freedom.