A Poem by Listener Kimaya K, from India

I can’t see the stars

I peer into the midnight ether,
But the constellation or the shimmer, I see neither,
I look up and see a starless sky,
Tears simmer as I wonder why,

Is it because my sight is weak?
It’s really not too much that I seek,
Is it because I have glasses,
That I’m ignorant to every shooting comet that passes?

Sequins line the velvet dark,
Firmaments dotted with sparks,
Must I be incompetent,
To the asteroids and burning orbs that heaven sent?

They call them celestial bodies, oh my,
But I don’t have the astronomer’s eye,
Or a telescope to see through,
And gaze at what is bliss and true,

How can I confess my love to my soulmate under the stars?
If I can’t see the night’s scars,
Those glittering lanterns amongst the murk,
My line of sight just won’t work,

I want to see you,
I want gaze through,
I want to,
Dream as all the dreamers do.


Twinkle Twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Like a diamond in the sky,
I want to see you, it makes me cry.