My Life through the Seasons

You said, "In spring, I shall love you! In summer, I shall weep for you;
In autumn, I shall grow tall and sturdy Into a tree so evergreen;
And I shall be your sun, give love, warmth in winters."
Now I walk through spring, summer, autumn, and winter; But there is no love in spring,
No rains in summer,
No green trees in autumn,
And no warmth in winter.
I await you, longing to feel your breaths
But you no longer walk down the cobbled paths; The ring that you gave me is no longer pretty, Just as I have lost my beauty;
My face so wrinkled, my hair once so black
Has turned white, just like my mind,
In it, I see you;
There is heaven and in it you;
I wish to see you soon,
But it seems God has other plans; God kept you young,
But cursed me into old;
God kept you strong,
But cursed me feeble bones.
The Earth once so pretty,
Without you, has become unlovely;
Your presence used to get me perky,
Now your absence has left me world-weary;
My bed so warm and comfortable Gives me sleep no more;
The house we built
Is a home no more;
Without you, the house has only emptiness, Which amplifies my loneliness;
I wish to see you soon in the heavens,
But until then, I await you through spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

— Kashika Barkakati