Kindness is Compassion in Action

By Kashika, India

We have often heard the phrase “be kind” throughout our childhood. But what exactly is kindness?

Kindness is a form of behaviour marked by acts of generosity, consideration, rendering assistance, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward in return. Kind people exhibit qualities of compassion and friendliness. This definition of kindness is more of a textbook definition. But if you try and see kindness through my eyes, I am pretty sure you will be very grateful for the life that you have. I believe that kindness is the essence of life. The world functions because of kindness and this starts from the very moment we are born. A woman holds the magic or power of creating life on earth. But with this ability comes problems and discomfort that women face during pregnancy such as body changes, morning sickness, changes in hair and skin colour, backache, headache, etc., and sacrifices as well. But despite this fact, many women choose to become mothers, and this is how a new life blooms almost every second around the world due to the kindness of mothers. My life and even yours are nothing more than just acts of kindness.

An act of kindness takes place almost every second around the world. I feel the presence and warmth of kindness every millisecond of my life. Before I go to school, my mother takes the labour of thinking about a new perishable every day that she can cook for my tiffin. What is this, if not an act of love, affection, and kindness?

Kindness is everywhere around us and all we need is an eye that can see it. Such small acts of kindness by those around us must be identified and appreciated. Most people think that the world is unpleasant and unkind, but all they need is a new perspective that would make them love this world and their lives. We find so many people today who care for stray dogs and bother if they are hungry. They provide those innocent souls food although they don’t gain anything from this act apart from the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Because kindness persists in the world, even lost dogs are found and returned home.

Kindness has always been in this world whether it was in history or this day and age. But the prevailing state of the world makes us question humanity sometimes. The Russia-Ukraine war horrifies me and the thought of a third-world war petrifies me. But then again, even during these grim times, there has been hope and kindness. The people of Poland have come to succour the Ukrainians and have voluntarily accepted these immigrants who are in urgent need of a home and some support. People around the world have sympathised with their situation.

Let us further weave our way through this world with small acts of kindness whether this is in the form of actions or words that can make someone’s day! Kindness is benevolence, it is compassion in action.

— Kashika, India